Bear’s finest news: After eight years of maltreatment, the dog may now close his eyes on his cozy bed and dream. 

Two weeks prior, wealthy drivers in Cleveland, Texas, noticed a dog consuming cat food that had been left out on someone’s veranda. The dog had a large lump on his face. There had previously been blood splatters, so This Is Houston offered assistance by sending out a scout team to locate the dog.

The dog’s name was Bear, and he had surgery to remove his massive 3.5-pound excrescence many days after being apprehended and assessed by a battalion of veterinary doctors. It was discovered that the tumor was a necrotic abscess, most likely caused by a recent pellet break. With the entrance crack on the right side of his face, he had been shot in the neck. The projectile passed through his throat and became stuck on his left side. The tumor, or at least a portion of the lump, and the illness were brought on by an infection from the crack.

Bear has shown himself to be a formidable dog, despite being shot by an inhumane person and being an unwanted slapdash eight times. He also has heart failure and cancer, as if those circumstances weren’t enough to make any dog go crazy around people. Since then, he has begun chemotherapy.

He’s been doing really well; he has a voracious appetite, is picking up walking on a leash quickly, craves attention and enjoys getting his tummy hurt, and wags his tail more and more every day.

Now, with his belly full, his silky robes falling about his shoulders, and his plush toys serving as a cushion, he shuts his eyes and drifts off to sleep, knowing he is loved. He has nothing to worry about, so he can finally sleep for as long as he needs to. A bear learns to be calm after eight long years.

Bear’s saviors pledge to treat him with the finest care and compassion possible for as long as he wishes to live and fights the good fight.