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Dog continued chasing after cars, not realizing he had been abandoned.

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For as long as they live, dog owners are everything to them. Throughout the relationship, they developed a strong friendship and mutual admiration. However, some dog owners leave their pets alone in the middle of nowhere for any reason. Among all animals on earth, dogs are the most devoted. They naively await the return of their masters, unaware that they have been abandoned forever.

With a group of Korean animal enthusiasts, Kritter Klub has been documenting animal stories since 2001. One day, they received a report about a village’s homeless dog that was aggressively running toward passing automobiles. Nobody understood why he was behaving oddly. According to a villager, this dog would follow him and sit next to his car every time he got home from work. The peasant was confused since he didn’t know the identity of the dog or his origins. The dog has been there for almost twenty days and has not left his spot. It appears that he is searching for something because if he moved, he would miss it. He would promptly chase a white automobile far away if it went by.

The crew did not learn about the dog’s past until they met a neighbor who had been monitoring him for a month. A month ago, a white car drove up and left the puppy alone on some random street. He started chasing after any white automobile after that in the hopes of finding his owner. The dog resisted the elderly man’s repeated attempts to assist him and take him home, running off. No matter the time of day or night or how cold the weather got, he still yearned for his master and waited for him. Still, the individual never materialized.

Thankfully, the guy who informed the squad chose to take the dejected dog into his home. Although the dog is still quite depressed, he is slowly coming to terms with his new existence. The person gave him the name Baduk and a cozy home that he had constructed for himself. He was waiting on the road once more, and this time he had a good-hearted guy standing next to him.

Members of the Kritter Klub took the sick puppy to the clinic for an examination because they found it distressing to see the dog fight to survive in the harsh weather. Although he was in terrific health, he was unhappy since he didn’t think his owner would have deceived him.

Long winters always accompany the spring. Hopefully, Ba-duk can find happiness and a long life in his new home soon.

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