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Man Cries “I Gained His Trust. Now I’m Backstabbing Him” & Sadly Lets Him Go

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He cries and strokes his fur, “I feel so horrible. I gained his trust and now I’m backstabbing him.” He sobs and continues, “I’m sorry, bro. I’m so sorry, okay?”

One of the nicest people on the planet had to make a difficult phone call. He contacted Claws of Hope and told them that he took care of two homeless bulldogs near his home.

He couldn’t adopt them because he already had a small dog and was scared they wouldn’t get along. The male Pitbull was afraid of humans, and it took him a long time to believe this gentle man. When the Claws of Hope rescuers arrived, the well-wishers took them to the dogs, and the female walked forward, walked directly towards them, and happily welcomed her new friend.

She consumes her snack while wagging her tail. The male dog is lingering in the background. He’s intrigued but terrified. The helpful person elaborates on the situation.

He adores the two dogs, whom the rescue later refers to as ‘George and Irene.’ He wished he could take them home with him. In fact, he believes that by allowing the rescue to take him, he is betraying the male dog, who has a difficult time with humans and only trusts him.

Good people started to cry. “I’m in a terrible mood. I acquired his trust, and now I’m betraying it.” He scratches his chin and says, “I’m sorry, bro. Please accept my heartfelt apologies.

It’s both a wonderful and terrible scene. He knows the two dogs will have a better life, but he is torn about parting with them. He adores them and has fed and nurtured them as much as he possibly could.

While George and Irene were living on the street, youths in the area tossed rocks at them and called them names. It was not a healthy way for any dog to live. The gentleman understands, and it pains his heart to see them go.

Both canines are taken to the truck by the rescuers. Irene serves as George’s emotional support. She remains by his side. George is created inside the car, and Irene stands watch outside his cage, protecting her best companion.

Irene is beaming. She knows she’s on the right track and has her best buddy by her side to help her celebrate.

Back at the rescue shelter, the dogs have a relaxing bath. They are then subjected to medical examinations. The most incredible thing happens: George is diagnosed with bone cancer! Because it was discovered at the right time, he is able to have life-saving surgery. George’s life was SAVED by that nice man! In more than one manner!

The vet had to amputate one of George’s legs to prevent the cancer from spreading, but he will be fine. Dogs can walk on three legs extremely well. In fact, some can outrun dogs on four legs!

When George is well enough to be discharged from the hospital, he is reunited with his lover. Irene’s tail and joyous screams say it all when she sees George! Both puppies are being well taken care of. They are being trained to be pets rather than’street dogs.’ George is warming up to everyone he encounters. He’s realizing that most people are good and that it’s safe to trust them.

George and Irene are an intimate couple who can only be adopted together. Please visit the Guardian Angel Pets website if you are interested or know someone who is.

Please take a moment to read their rescue story, which is embedded below. It’s so moving! Thank you so much to the generous man, Hope For Paws, and Guardian Angels!