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Passengers Applaսd Drivеr After Stopping Bսs To Rеscսе Dog

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A black puppy was stuck in the middle of a busy highway in Rio de Janeiro. Near the lane-separated lines on the high-speed bus lane, the scared dog posed a danger. Concerned that the dog stopped and exited the bus before Silvio Gomes, the driver.

The passengers weren’t sure what had happened, but some passengers snapped pictures of what followed.

“As I walked away from Magellan’s station, I noticed the dog laying on the ground next to the concrete breach. The dog was going to jump when I turned around because it was afraid.” Global Television was told by Gomez.

Gomez was seen in the footage calmly bringing the dog back to the bus. The two boarded the vehicle safely, and the other passengers cheered and applauded.

The dog seemed to be delighted with the situation’s improvement. He yet desires to be happier.

Gomez told his wife the tale after dropping the dog off at the animal shelter, and she instantly got him “in trouble” for not bringing the dog home. Gomez became a hero once more the following day when he adopted the puppy after saving it.

To honor the rescue site’s proximity to the Olympic Games, he stated he intended to give the dog the name Olmpicos.

When the dog was stopped in the middle of the highway, the bus driver cheered.