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Puppy Found Starving and Covered in Feces So Relieved to See Rescuers


etroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue received an emergency call for a pup who was really in need. the animal rescuers immediately reached bent the Detroit local department 6th Precinct for help in saving the pup.

What the rescuers saw when they arrived, was completely shocking. A pup was locked inside a cage and was in a horrible condition. Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue wrote on their social: “This evening we received an urgent call regarding a puppy outside during a wire crate covered in feces. Our crew immediately reached bent our friends at the Detroit local department 6th Precinct for assistance and within minutes that they had gotten to the situation and secured the puppy for us.”‘

It was   clear   that little Bessie was very starved and very severly dehydrated.

The officers who were there wrapped the pup on a warm blanket and gave her to the rescue team, who brought her to the vet.

Detroit Pit Crew is so thankful for “the heroes at DPD who go above and beyond for the pups.”

After bringing her to the hospital, Detroit Pit Crew shared a picture and some news about Bessie’s bad shape.

“Her body condition is terrible as she is around 6 months old and weighed in at 14 pounds,”
 the rescuers write. “We rushed her to an emergency veterinary hospital last night where she tested negative for parvo and biopsy results showed that she was dehydrated with a high white bloodcell count.”

Even though Bessie arrived in a very poor shape, she still managed to feel better after only day in care.

Presently, Bessie’s health are going to be monitored and she will continue together with her medical treatment. Detroit Pit Crew writes,

We are happy to report that overall Bessie is doing better today and she or he is looking forward to her new better life.”