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Woman’s Dog Cries In Distress After Finding Sick Dog By Trash Bag

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 Their dog Scooter got so upset by what they found. But there’s a heartwarming update!

A woman in Glasgow, Kentucky was walking her dog when she found some garbage on the side of the highway. Initially, she thought it had been a small fawn. It wasn’t until they got closer, however, that she noticed a dog with bleeding skin lying by a garbage bag.

Karen Smith Clark said that she and her partner didn’t know it was a sickly dog until they got closer. What they saw was “distressing to mention the least” and upset their dog Scooter. “This poor dog looked to possess had been thrown from a window of a vehicle, during a trash bag,” she wrote on Facebook.

“We rushed back home to urge food, water, and gloves…When we came the dog was leery but not aggressive to me in the least, he wanted water,” she continued. “It was so distressing our dog was crying and whining.”

After the dog drank water, Clark called local authorities and he was taken to Barren River Animal Welfare Association (BRAWA) where he was looked over by a veterinarian. The next morning, Connie Greer, the manager of the shelter, said the dog, now referred to as “Arthur Buddy” is responding well, although very sickly. “Arthur is up and eating and traveling wagging his tail this morning. He has briefly been evaluated by Dr. Thomas,” Greer wrote. “She reports he features a bad yeast infection with hair loss everywhere his body, mange and is slightly emaciated.”

“She sees no additional visible signs of the other issues,” she added. “Obviously he’s getting to need tons of TLC and recuperation.”

BRAWA may be a small shelter and asked for people to not in this point, but they’re going to keep everyone posted on their Facebook page. “He’s happy, he seems very secure that he’s been found and somebody’s getting to look after him,” continued Greer. She said he won’t be available for adoption until he has recovered. They expect his treatment will take around 4 months.

Arthur was adopted after several months in care and his transformation back to full health is incredible to find outascertain. JustLook at his beautiful fur! We’re so glad he’s found a loving home after such a terrible ordeal.