A 12-week-old dog that was abandoned in a box and dumped on the curb like trash is recovering miraculously. 

Less than a week ago, a 12-week-old puppy was dumped like garbage in a dog jalopy on the side of the road near Youngstown, Ohio. Deputy Tara was instructed by the Mahoning County Dog Warden to retrieve the animal and take it to a Girard veterinarian. The dog’s temperature was just 74 degrees at that point, and he was breathing in four or five times every millisecond.

A 12-week-old puppy was abandoned like trash in a dog jalopy on the side of the road close to Youngstown, Ohio, less than a week ago. The Mahoning County Dog Warden gave Deputy Tara instructions to remove the animal and bring it to a Girard veterinarian. The dog was breathing in four or five times per millisecond at that moment, and his temperature was just 74 degrees.

The puppy they called Xavier had pressure blisters and stains on his side, had probably been famished, and had been laying in his own excrement for an indeterminate amount of time, so the veterinarians did not hold out crucial optimism. Slowly, the battalion managed to bring up his body temperature, give him some water, and start giving the malnourished puppy some small meals.

Xavier is still a newborn. Maybe twelve weeks old? His life thus far appears to be similar to what I believe hell to be like. There’s no other way to explain it. He’s a small phenomenon because of all the prayers.

After two days, Xavier was still alive, and his prognosis seemed bright, but just like in many other mysteries, the puppy’s life took a grave turn. His life almost ended again the day after that.

We require a miracle! He’s getting worse! Outside of the incubator, he is unable to control his body temperature. For his little frame, the coldness and malnutrition were just too significant. The medical personnel are unable to assist him in any way. Kindly provide your assistance!

It seemed like the well wishes and prayers had also been effective. Xavier was still very much in the wilderness, but his health was improving as his feathers started to work for him. Doctors kept administering fluids and antibiotics as part of their therapy. Not very long after, there was another update.

The veterinarian seemed hopeful, asking the young Joe to persevere as he now has a greater chance at success. Folks, this one is having a major impact on both our team and the Mahoning County Dog Warden personnel. It hurts that we can’t be with him at this time. We know he’s in excellent hands in Akron. Kindly remember him in your prayers.