You are currently viewing Every day, the 180-pound dog looks forward to hugging his favorite mailwoman. 

Every day, the 180-pound dog looks forward to hugging his favorite mailwoman. 

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Bull Mastiff Fronky follows the same routine every day. The dog begs his mother to allow him out of the house every morning as he stands at the door. He enters the front yard and waits while sitting.

Fronky is still waiting for Shaun, the mailman who is his greatest friend!

Since Fronky was a puppy seven weeks old, he has been Shaun’s best companion. Fronky’s day is always made better by seeing Shuan because the two are inseparable.

“When she is at her truck, gathering all her presents and getting ready to come to our house, you see his tail running so quickly, and if she takes too long, he becomes agitated,” Fronky’s mother, Eileen, told The Dodo

At 180 pounds, Fronky is a dog who can jump the front yard fence with ease if he so chooses. Conversely, Fronky is a good man who consistently maintains his side of the fence. Thankfully, Shaun is still able to lavish him with affection and cuddles!

Eileen said that Shaun had a chocolate lab that passed away. She thinks she gets the puppy love she needs from Fronky.

“I believe just having this short break with Fronky helps her out and gives her something to look forward to,” Eileen explained.

Without a doubt, Shaun and Fronky are really good buddies. On her days off, Shaun will occasionally visit Fronky.



Eileen said, “Shaun has kind of become a member of our family.” “We are eager to see her every day, but she never remembers to stop by. And when he hears her voice, Fronky loses all self-control.”

According to Hill’s Pets, Fronky’s love for Shaun is exceptional for his breed. As stated on the website

“With family members, Bullmastiffs are kind and loving.” They are the perfect fit for families with well-behaved children because of their generally relaxed, laid-back attitudes.

The bullmastiff’s easygoing demeanor with family members is likely to change when a stranger shows up. These dogs are hesitant to interact with people who are not related.”

The most likely explanation seems to be that Fronky views Shaun as a member of his family. How charming!