She cries because it’s the first time she’s experienced human love.

She was a mother on the streets, utterly worn out. As far as is seen.

Despite her youth, she has given birth. Her past is unimaginable to us. Scabs all over the body indicate infection. All that was left of Luli was skin and bones.

I want to embrace her and ask for forgiveness because my heart is wounded. Alejandra held onto it, and I was lucky to find it. Since Lili had never experienced human love, she was a little afraid.

She’s so great that I want to call her Luna. Now that we’ve met, we will always be together.
Luli is doing well; she had an antibiotic and a shower. The lovely girl has changed significantly in just two weeks. She was far more attractive. She is better, but she still needs a bed and a place to live.
Update : after 2 months she  officially has a new family and beautiful home .