How the dog flew to Kiev after waiting for its owner for two years at the airport

This tale dates back over fifty years. The owner of Alma was unable to convince the officials at the Vnukovo airport in 1974 to insist that the dog be allowed on board without a certificate. The Eastern European sheepdog failed vet control because of an eye injury.

The owner was the last to board, but not before he had removed the collar and said his pet farewell for a while. There was a person taken north by the formidable IL-18 liner. The dog pursued him down the runway for a considerable amount of time. She stayed at the airport, refusing to accept the loss. Alma had not been compelled to quit her place by the individuals attempting to apprehend her or the neighborhood dog pack harassing the newcomers. They grew used to dogs over time. The sheepdogs were fed and guarded by the port staff.

She continued to see off every jet, to hide at the first sign of danger, and to not trust anybody. This continued for two years until the pilot noticed the dog chasing the aircraft from the cockpit. Vyacheslav Valentine called the dispatcher to ask her to remove the dog from the runway for her safety.

They informed him that it had been ineffective since Alma had been keeping everyone at a distance while she searched for the owner. The shepherd dog, which hopefully greets every aircraft, is then frequently seen by the pilot.
Having experienced the war, being a prisoner at Dachau, and later being in the camps, Vyacheslav Alexandrovich understood what pain was and could see it in the eyes of the dog. When he went to the Komsomolskaya Pravda editing office, he requested a note stating that Alma was still waiting and that if there is an owner, every commander will accept it.
Thousands of people from all across the Soviet Union wanted to be involved in the shepherd dog’s destiny after an article by Yuri Rost was published. And at Norilsk, an anonymous letter overtook the pilot. The author, a sheepdog owner, was afraid of being criticized for his treachery and didn’t think he had the right to be the owner.
But the devoted Alma is going to fulfill the same devoted and unselfish relationship. Descended from the legendary Ukrainian, Vera Kotlyarevskaya, she quit her work in Kyiv to spend a few weeks in Vnukovo. She spent all of her time with the shepherd, taming her with patience and punctuality. administered the knowledge that Alma wouldn’t quit on her own initiative, a sleeping pill was administered to her. The dog was having trouble adjusting to the new surroundings. However, she was welcomed and anticipated here.
In order to prevent Alma from wanting a prisoner, everyone attempted to speak quietly, and the doors were left open at all times. The woman recognized the dog had adopted the family when she noticed it softly caressing her sleeping daughter. The shepherd soon became a mother herself and did not attempt to drive “her” folks away.
Two films were inspired by this narrative. The 1988 film “On a Leash at the Runway” was released, while the Russian film “Palm” made its debut in March of this year.