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Abused Pit Bull Thrown from Moving Car Rescued Just in Time

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Penny the Pit Bull’s rescuers had no idea they were saving two lives when they rescued her.

Penny was flung from a moving vehicle and rescued by Berclair Animal Hospital workers. Penny had heartworms and was underweight, bruised, and suffering from congestive heart failure. Penny’s face was covered with infected cuts and sores, and her rescuers believe she was most likely used in dog fighting.

The veterinarians reached out to Donna Velez, the founder of Hearts of Gold Pit Rescue in Memphis, Tennessee, to see if her organization might assist. Donna urged them to email her some images despite the fact that her rescue was full and she was recovering from her own health concerns. She told the vets to get Penny out of pain and treat her as soon as she viewed her images. Donna told DogHeirs that she was determined to find a way to help Penny, even if she couldn’t take her herself.

Donna headed to the clinic shortly after to see Penny. Donna knew she had to accept the thin, wounded puppy after just one glance. “I can’t not take her,” she reasoned. Donna told DogHeirs, “She looked so miserable,” and said, “Once I see them, I’m a goner.”

Donna began networking for Penny, and by chance, a family in St. Louis saw Penny’s photo and immediately wanted to adopt her. The family already has two Pit Bulls and a lot of experience with them.

Jennifer stated on her Facebook page, “She’s just been with us 10 days and she has a long way to go, but she is a wonderful dog despite all of her shenanigans, she just isn’t accustomed to this lifestyle because she was mistreated for so long.” “Since we received her, she’s already come a long way.”

Penny’s health has improved dramatically in just a few weeks. Her sophisticated heartworm treatment is going well, and she’s picking up a lot of new skills in her new home.

“Penny is having a great time right now!” Her hunger is enormous, which is excellent because she didn’t want to eat the first day she was home, so perhaps she will begin to gain weight. Our two sons continue to scare her, but I’m working on safely socializing them. She enjoys going on walks and wants to rush back to the house when we get home, but owing to her health, I have to prevent her from doing so. Overall, this is a major transition for everyone, but I compare it to having a new baby: there are a lot of adjustments to make that gradually come into place.”

Penny’s biggest surprise in her rehabilitation occurred this week, when she gave birth to a puppy unexpectedly. Nickel is the name given to the infant girl. Despite Penny’s traumas and meds, Nickel appears to be in excellent health!

Penny is still nursing Nickel, and when the puppy is ready to be weaned, she will be placed with a Hearts of Gold Pit Rescue foster home. Baby Nickel, Donna said DogHeirs, may already have a family interested in adopting her.

Penny’s new family aptly describes Penny’s change of circumstances and rescue: “Imagine how much better Penny’s life would have been if her owners hadn’t dumped her. “Two lives were saved!”

Jennifer, Penny and Nickel’s mother, revealed some tragic news. Penny died as a result of congestive heart failure. “I had to let her go last night because her heartworms were so serious, she had advanced congestive heart failure and her heart was more than three times the size of a normal heart,” Jennifer explained. She drifted off to sleep gently in my arms. Of course, Nickel will remain with us.”

“I miss Penny so much….she peed on my rug, ate my favorite hello kitty slippers, chewed up the door frames, and wrecked her kennel,” Jennifer said on Penny’s Facebook page. I, on the other hand, never punished her. When I saw her tale on my Facebook page, I did exactly what I said I would do. I stated I wanted that puppy so she could feel the same love I have for our boys and have the privileged life she deserved, and I got it. I didn’t want to indulge her for months, I wanted to spoil her for years. I can’t stop crying…she was a wonderful dog. So peaceful and wanting to snuggle, and Nickel’s mama. I adored her, and I’m pleased I got to know her.I adored her, and I’m glad I have Nickel to keep her alive… Penny, rest in peace.”

Jennifer sent DogHeirs a picture of Nickel all grown up! “She is quite the character!” says Jen. Isn’t she adorable?