You would imagine cows not wanting to be disturbed in their home environment, especially by a dog. However, this herd of cows are more than welcome towards a dog when it approaches them.

Manfred, the bulldog approached a herd of cows and luckily his family had a camera with them to film the whole interaction. It is quite adorable. The dog seemed quite shy at first, keeping his head low on the grass as he was approaching the herd of steer. Luckily for him however, they also found him quite intriguing, lowering their heads as well to meet this new being. They start sniffing him with caution at first but as soon as they realized he meant no harm, they welcomed him with open arms

As the cows begin licking him as a sign of friendliness, the dog looks like he is quite enjoying the interaction. He even scoots closer to the friends and nuzzles up to them. No one will mess with him now for sure, especially when they see the new friends he just made.