Dog Chained Up Without Food Or Water Tries To Jump Off Balcony In An Attempt To Free Herself


hen the people in Cairo, Egypt looked up, they saw a German Shepherd hanging from a third-floor balcony! How the poor dog could even manage to cry for help is amazing.

When residents of Cairo, Egypt, glanced up, they discovered a German Shepherd dangling from a third-floor balcony! It’s astonishing that the poor puppy could even scream for aid.

Bella, the dog, was dangling by her neck. The chain around her neck prevented her from falling, but Bella was a large dog, and it could have killed her.

No one knows for certain how long Bella was dangling there, although others speculate that it may have been up to five hours. A nice man was able to gain entry into the residence and rescue Bella.

The truth was quickly discovered. Bella was frail and had been forced to live on a shabby balcony. There is no life for any dog. Bella was apprehended by the ESMA (Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals).

She would never have to live in dirt again. Bella was placed in a foster home in the United States thanks to the organization Special Needs Rescue and Rehabilitation.

Bella has moved to Texas! She now has a larger yard to run in as well as a canine brother! Bella will now live like a queen, with her own comfortable couch to sleep on!

Do you know any dogs in your neighborhood who are tied in their yards?

Are the dogs underweight? Do humans look after them in cold weather? Mistreated dogs require our assistance. Do not allow any dogs (or other animals) to suffer in silence.

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