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Dying Dog Carried Down The Aisle To Be By His Human’s Side At Her Wedding

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He hung on just long enough to be a part of his mom’s big day.


When Charlie Bear, the cherished black Labrador Retriever of bride Kelly O’Connell, used to be too susceptible to stroll down the aisle on her wedding ceremony day, he used to be carried by the maid of honor so that he should be via Kelly’s aspect for the specific moment.

Kelly believes that Charlie Bear was once able to be a stage of her big day. When Charlie was a puppy, she adopted him. Charlie was once 15 years historic and had been scuffling with a Genii tumor for numerous months. Kelly and her new husband, James Garvin, are each veterinarian and it was once an emotional second for the couple.

“Both of us simply dropped to our knees and began crying,” the bride advised ABC News. “To see him be carried a few feet, it many solidified for me that it’s no longer the Charlie he favored to be. He was old and frail, which made me understand that he often misplaced it.”Kelly’s sister and maid of honor was once the main Charlie down the aisle. But when he grew to be too susceptible to walk, Katie (who is only 5’3″) picked up the 80-pound canine and carried him to the altar.


The emotional second was once captured by theby Kelly’s buddy and photographer, Jen Dziuvenis. “When your liked canine who is at the quit of his existence can’t make it returnedup the aisle and your sister scoops him up and includes him…THAT is love,” Dziuvenis wrote on Facebook. “There isn’t ample mascara in the world for these moments. Dog humans are amazing people.”The wedding ceremony was once one of Charlie’s ultimate days with his family. Charlie exceeded away a few days later.“He used to be a very candy dog. He cherished everybody, however I used to be certainly his person,” Kelly said. Share this loving household second with your household and friends.