You are currently viewing After finding a loving home, the “fighting bait” dog, who lost half of her face, is unrecognizable.

After finding a loving home, the “fighting bait” dog, who lost half of her face, is unrecognizable.

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Thanks to her new consanguineous owner, Erin Williams, 36, of Washington, D.C., Haddie, a one-eyed “corsair canine,” has overcome her fear of animals and was spared from illegal confrontation. A dog that was “used as bait” in a fight and lost half of her face has learned what true love is all about after being espoused. Haddie, the “corsair canine,” has been viciously attacked by fighting pets in an illegal operation, leaving him completely unrecognizable. The majority of her face’s skin had to be removed since it was “rotting” and peeling off, leaving her with only one eye.

Her peculiar appearance drew Erin Williams, 36, to her, and the two now reside safely and contentedly in Washington, D.C. After overcoming her fear of other animals, Haddie is now content to play with the pack in her neighborhood demesne. Erin told The Mirror, “She’s become a true canine’s canine, which thrills my heart.” In August 2020, Erin came across Haddie on and became enamored with her. A good-hearted foreigner pulled Haddie out of a conflict ring and got him adopted by Mutt Scouts in South California.

The two-year-old puppy had injuries all over her body, with her face having the most. A veterinarian concluded that her job as a “bait canine” was the cause of her injuries and temperament. Erin said, “We don’t know much about her particular experience in that world, but it would have definitely involved the dogfighters pressuring their “fighting canines” to force her to “train” on a constant basis.” “Every pet in these scripts is አɪჄᴛɪᴍs.” When Mutt Scouts partnered Erin and Haddie, they clicked immediately and changed each other’s lives.

Since Erin was unaware of Haddie’s true birthdate, she invented one based on January 19, which happens to be Dolly Parton’s birthday. At first, Erin called Haddie “lovely and funny,” but she was afraid of other animals. It just took a canine howl or the sight of another dog to make her body shudder violently. To assist Haddie in overcoming her severe fears, Erin engaged the services of a canine coach.

“We would feed her hot dogs and show her the dog across the demesne. We would also approach closer and closer until she finally connected animals and safety,” she continued.

Ultimately, I think her disposition made it possible. She is adaptable and quite clever, which I’m sure supported the procedure. These days, Haddie likes to playfully wrestle with other animals in her area and, when she is itching to go outside, she does a “funny little hop.” She’s a social butterfly. Erin said, “She loves people and wants everyone to touch her consciousness.” Haddie is basically like any other dog, with the exception of her rather odd look. She has to put pharmaceutical sunscreen on her nose and scars anytime she leaves the house. Erin notes that although people from other states naturally stare and inquire about the strange dog, the reactions aren’t as harsh as she had worried.

“Utmost individualities are incredibly kind and amiable.” It’s delicate not to be around her because her zest for life is so evident,” Erin continued. We acknowledge that unpleasant remarks or glances are occasionally made, but thankfully, they are few and far between. It’s a loss for those people that they will never get to meet her. The unique dog has affected Erin’s life as well, as he has assisted her in coping with her depressive state. “Haddie always reminds me when it’s time to take a walk outside, and she’s always up for a complimentary fall nap,” Erin said. Haddie’s sweethearts have taught Erin how “possibly nice the world can be” after she set up her Instagram and TikTok profiles.


“ The folks I meet there are encouraging and considerate, and I ’m glad,” Erin remarked. Haddie teaches her proprietor to appreciate the small effects in life, similar as sleep, a treat, and a comfortable spot to relax in the sun. “ Just knowing you ’re secure and loved is enough to make you happy,” Erin added.