Hearts soften when they see a short-legged dog patiently waiting for complimentary fried chicken from a stand. 

This endearing golden retriever has earned millions of hearts on the internet, in addition to the cube owner’s method of getting free fried funk!

The astute dog may be seen staring at a pile of freshly cooked fried funk cubes while sitting in front of it in a number of absurd prints.

I noticed the dog staring intently at a fried funk cube while he sat in front of it. The caption reads, “He really did refuse to leave and kept sitting in front of the cube like a seal!”

“Would you please expedite my order?” I’ve been here for some time now.

However, it’s possible that the dog has been waiting too long for his turn because he now pouts and has a gloomy look when his fried funk never comes up.

But now that the dog is pouting and looking sad when his fried funk never appears, it’s probable that he’s been waiting too long for his turn.

However, some drug users noted that children shouldn’t consume slimy foods like fried funk and shouldn’t sit with similar postures since it will damage their chins.

Still, this adorable and intelligent dog is deserving of praise for his unwavering will to obtain some free fried funk!