You are currently viewing Even after being left in a suitcase in the middle of nowhere, the puppy continued to struggle. 

Even after being left in a suitcase in the middle of nowhere, the puppy continued to struggle. 

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“Those who found him and saved him are angels.”

One of the most devastating scenarios the Lega Del Cane Trani rescue squad has ever seen occurred a few months ago. It was formerly utilized by a guy who traveled here amid some pretty dubious circumstances and traveled between Trani and Barletta in Italy.

On the shoulder of the road, there used to be a broken suitcase that was just inches from a dog’s bones. The way the bag was ripped apart let us realize exactly how awful this furry guy’s condition was. “How is it possible that someone would take such action?” Online, one customer sighed.

Everything indicated that he had been thrown away after being placed in that folder. He was able to go somehow, although he appeared completely worn out and physically weak. The individual who found him was referred to as the rescue crew. And they put him under their care right away. Things used to be really tough for the boy.

His stomach is giving him a lot of trouble. Giving him the many remedies he desired was also seen as an impossibility since he had no faith in others. “His check effects are definitely noteworthy.” Anemia, hyperparathyroidism, liver failure, and necrosis in some tissues are present. A Foundation official said, “His fatty enteric equipment is full of stones and overseas hides.” A lot of people would give up on a case this difficult, but this scruffy criminal ought to lead a happy life. An online customer thanked him, saying, “Those who found him and saved him are angels.”


He was quite feeble for several weeks, but eventually he recovered enough power to stand and was able to feed on his own.

At one point, he was given the name Kei. The largest challenge he had, notwithstanding his general health, was regaining faith in others. One of the rescuers said, “We don’t know if he’s a rookie dog or if his anxiety is a result of everything he’s been through.” Gradually, he has let himself have slightly more confidence in others. He seeks to acknowledge that the care of the veterinarians is the reason behind his growing strength and size.

Realizing that the dog got all the help he wanted after going through such a traumatic background is a consolation. “Whoever adopts Kei will be taking a dog who needs to heal on both a physical and mental level. It’s a significant commitment,” one of the rescuers remarked.



No location is deserving of being shut up and abandoned in the middle of his private nowhere. Kei still has a long way to go, so we are hoping that he can find an amazing family to adopt him. We raise our voices to protest the unjust treatment this creature endured. The people responsible for this horrible deed ought to pay for it.