You are currently viewing In order to protect his master’s family, a Siberian Husky dies in a fight with a cobra.

In order to protect his master’s family, a Siberian Husky dies in a fight with a cobra.

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Unfortunately, this narrative recalls the fate of a Husky breed dog that tried to protect his owner’s Taiping home from a recent cobra assault.

The event occurred at 11:00 a.m. on March 20, when a four-meter-long cobra circled the Yap family’s home before entering. When the family’s Siberian Husky dog, Dai Bao, noticed the trespasser, he attacked the snake.

Dai Bao was able to capture the snake after a skirmish between the two, but he was bitten by it again.

“At the time, the family consisted of simply a mother and a boy. My son heard Dai Bao barking and immediately rushed outside to investigate what was going on.”

Mr. Ye claims that his kid was astonished when he saw their dog bite a snake and shook his body. Dai Bao bit the cobra right away, sending it to tumble to the ground. The dog barked in anguish as well.

Dai Bao’s nostrils were bleeding at the moment, and his eyes were swollen as well. Mr. Ye said that his dog had previously been bitten by a snake. Mr. Yap’s mother rushed to get assistance from other family members, who worked together to kill the snake.

“I raced domestic to take Dai Bao to the veterinarian clinic after obtaining a name from my mother.” However, doctors advised the family to be psychologically prepared because there is no ‘anti-venom’ for animals in Malaysia. Canines want to be powerful and battle to the death in order to live. Dai Bao died despite receiving an injection and a saline drip.

Mr. Ye recalled that Dai Bao had been retrieved off the street with his assistance on July 19, 2019, and was on the verge of being adopted. Mr. Yap added, “You stayed with us for much less than two years, and now you’ve left us forever.”

“Dai Bao wanted to return the desire because we took him in and made him a part of the family,” my friend explained. We didn’t expect anything in return, though. “All we wanted was for Dai Bao to be with us as we become historic one day,” Yap explained. Dai Bao’s body was subsequently buried behind a massive tree near Yap’s house, which was Dai Bao’s favorite location to play.