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A family on a bike rescues a dog whose head is stuck in a plastic bottle.

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Because of a plastic bottle caught on his head, the dog would have perished from asphyxia or malnutrition. But, thankfully, he came upon some angels on two wheels!


Because of a plastic bottle caught on her head, a poor canine would have died of asphyxia or famine. But, fortunately for her, she encountered some angels on two different buses. David Velazquez was out for a bike ride with the musketeers in Mexico the other day when they came across a product by the side of the road that drew their attention. There was a tortured canine on the outskirts of town. His head was trapped in a plastic container, and he sounded like he needed help.

“At first, we didn’t know what was going on since he was sobbing and he simply came to us,” Velazquez explained. “We realized we had to do something.” After putting their motorcycles down, Velazquez and his buddies stood there watching as the canine approached them with caution. A group of bikers approach the dog, whose head is completely covered by a dirty, abandoned plastic bottle, in a video posted to social media. A little girl rushes to his rescue and holds the canine as the man peels back the plastic to liberate the canine, perfectly removing the bottle from around the canine’s head.

As Rodrigo Lopez and Lopez’s kid arrived at the unfortunate dog’s rescue, Velázquez mugged. He also caught the dog’s happy reaction after being set free.

His odds of surviving were quite small.

Velazquez stated, “There was a lot of pleasure.” It’s unknown where the dog came from or how he got himself into such a pickle. But one thing was certain: he had a limited chance of surviving. Allow Velazquez and his musketeers enough time to place the dog. And he sounded like he knew what he was talking about. The riders were prepared to do more to assist the dog if he became separated from them, but he did not remain for long. “He bolted after thanking us,” Velazquez recalled. ” The dog was very grateful and content.” Watch the video; it only took a few seconds for the riders to come to a halt and assist the grateful canine, but it made all the difference.

Later, after the bottle is gone, the little dog thanks her saviors by dancing in front of them and thanking the young girl by racing up to her and jumping up on her eagerly.