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A terrified dog left stranded in the woods, refusing to be saved until it realized help was on the way ‎ 

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Everything changed the instant the pittie realized he was safe.

M. Roger Massey was determined to help the pit bull he had seen wandering aimlessly through the forest. Unfortunately, that proved to be easier said than done very quickly.

The frightened pit bull, who was subsequently dubbed Pappas, would snarl at anyone who dared approach him and would not let them. He was scared and angry, and he had no idea that these people were trying to help him. He had become accustomed to being fearful, and nothing would make it go away.

On Facebook, Massey said, “I’ve rescued four abandoned dogs from this park, but this guy is too aggressive.”

Massey attempted to contact everyone he could think of in an attempt to assist Pappas. He continued to bring him food and liquids, leaving them for him to accept from a distance. When Massey’s dogs approached him, Pappas was okay with it, but not when people did. Saving Hope Animal Rescue also volunteered, although initially they were having issues as well.

Pappas had finally had enough after spending three weeks by himself in the woods. Two volunteers came right up to him and wrapped a leash over his neck. Now that the volunteers had seen it clearly, they could tell that the poor little guy only had three legs and was weak from spending so much time by himself. He was so terrified of being trusted that it took him a long time to decide it was worth a try.

As soon as Pappas felt safe, things started to alter. He was beyond needing to be tough on the outside. When he matured into the cutest dog that yearned for affection, everyone engaged in his rescue was overjoyed for him.

“He has the most soulful eyes and wants to follow his human everywhere,” Lauren Anton, executive director of Saving Hope Animal Rescue, stated to The Dodo.

Pappas is loving every moment of his new life as he waits to be adopted into a foster family. I hope he finds a forever home soon and isn’t worried about falling in love all over again.