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Family Adopts ‘Unicorn Dog’ Who Endured Rough Life Just Before She Was Euthanized

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The “unicorn” dog, Strawberry, a pit bull mix who is 2 years old, was almost put to sleep because of a bump on her head but has since found a loving home.

Strawberry was saved from euthanasia by the La Belle Foundation, a Los Angeles-based animal rescue organization, according to an Instagram post from April 2022. “Her skin was bright pink from infection, covered in mange, and she had 2 large lumps on her head,” the post stated.

Strawberry has earned the nickname “the unicorn dog.”With thanks to Kristen Kuhlman

After seeing updates on Strawberry online, South Pasadena, California, mom Kristen Kuhlman told that she knew she had to adopt her.

She was still available, and I continued seeing her photo appear on the foundation’s Instagram page. I had never seen a dog like her before, and she just had such kind eyes, Kuhlman remarked. “She’s one in a million, one of a kind, and very distinctive and recognizable.”

“I have always jokingly said that I like the dogs that are blind or only have three legs,” Kuhlman remarked. I prefer to acquire pets that fit that description. Strawberry thus seemed like a nice choice for our family for some reason.

Kuhlman is a married mother of twins. Strawberry had a “tough” time acclimating to her new surroundings when Kuhlman first brought her home in September 2022, according to the woman.

“Strawberry’s been through a lot in her life,” she remarked.

Strawberry was apprehensive at first and “didn’t know what was happening” because she had been moving so much. Strawberry would “kind of cry” at night, according to Kuhlman, who also noted this.

“Oh no, what have we gotten ourselves into,” we all thought, she recalled. “But boy, within a couple of weeks, she broke out of her shell and turned into the most lovable dog. My relatives adore her.

Strawberry enjoys cuddling and fetch games with her new family.

Strawberry enjoys cuddling and fetch games with her new family.Thanks to Kristen Kuhlman, we know that Strawberry enjoys a good game of fetch, that her kids love to play with her, and that her husband enjoys taking naps and cuddling with Strawberry on the couch.

They chose to preserve Strawberry’s name rather than change it because Kuhlman felt the nickname suited Strawberry’s character because she is a “really sweet girl.”