You are currently viewing UPDATE: Tommie Bear, who was heartbroken, went back to the shelter and is now simply depressed. 

UPDATE: Tommie Bear, who was heartbroken, went back to the shelter and is now simply depressed. 

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“Our bear, whom my family and I acquired last week, is doing fantastic! “His name is a perfect fit for him; he’s a huge, cuddly bear,” Tommie Bear’s new mother wrote on Facebook.

Tommie Bear is a homeless man in Houston, Texas, who lays on his bed and hardly says hello to those who come by his cage. After only a few months, Harris County Pets received the heartbroken dog back.

In June 2020, Tommie Bear entered the shelter as a stray; he was microchipped and spent six days on a contact owner hold. After receiving two adoption requests, the dog’s original human sent him to another house, where they either let him go wild or returned him to the shelter.

Four months later, having been essentially abandoned and receiving little in the way of positive reinforcement for his conduct, Tommie Bear ends up a miserable and depressed puppy, aware that he will once again be at the shelter with unfamiliar people, loud noises, and an uncertain future.

The adopter claims he may not be good with children and that he becomes quite possessive of the person-owner. Particularly with this breed, dogs require leadership and guidance at all times.

Take a look at him in this video; he looks shocked, dejected, and unsure of what went wrong.makes me depressed and furious, which is why I believe he needs a rescue to handle his adoption at this time since adopters lack knowledge and Tommie doesn’t need to be terminated in this way again,” a shelter volunteer said.

Following are notes about refuge left behind by Tommie Bear’s misfortune: LAST UPDATE 10/22: AFTER BEING ADOPTED A FEW MONTHS, BEAR ALIAS TOMMIE KS RETURNED! To be honest, he really ought to move again! Let’s share once more, please!

Update 7/9: We regret it, but it appears that Tommie is staying put. It’s unclear why Email was adopted yesterday, but he’s back in the adoption process. Wait, so the big announcement is still something we’re anticipating! I’ll give everyone an update by calling tomorrow with further details.

–UPDATE 7/6: HE IS YET AGAINST ADOPTION. Since he hasn’t left the shelter yet, he will continue to check in to see how things are going. Update 6/29: Tommy is still keeping his chip, but there are two adopters in line who will take turns until it is taken out.

Tommy was found wandering about with his microchip, but it didn’t seem like he had a good home.* AC 77089 picked up this infant boy on June 24, 2020.

PetHarbor adoption, link:

Tommy Bear is my name. As a guy, I’m neutered. I look like a Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is white. I’m estimated by the shelter personnel to be three years old. I am seventy-nine pounds. How favorable. Treatment will still be required.

Contact Harris County Pets, located at 612 Canino Rd, Houston TX. Phone 281-999-3191. Monday to Friday lines are open from 9am-6pm. On weekends, lines are open from 9am-4pm. InviteInvite information about animal ID number A557068.

Public access is only available by appointment. We need foster homes. Please alert social media connections and authorized rescue groups about this boy’s predicament. Life-saving sharing can rescue Tommy Bear, but a miracle is required. Can you assist me?