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A Dog Sees the Ocean for the First Time After Years of Chaining

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When the German Shepherd dog sees the ocean for the first time, he cries like a human.

Herschel the German Shepherd had a very rough five years of existence. For the most part of those years, the unfortunate dog was tied up in a dirt backyard. When the dog’s rescuers found him, his teeth were severely worn down from trying to gnaw through the metal chain in his eagerness for freedom.

Ultimately, Herschel’s former owner made the correct decision by giving him to Michelson Found Animals. The animal rescue provided the dog with the much-needed treatment and medical attention.

Herschel was adopted and returned to the shelter several times over the course of the following six months. The dog had been locked up for his whole life and had not been socialized, so he struggled in his new homes.

Michelson Found Animals stated that Herschel needs to be in a loving home. So they called the host of the show, Rocky Kanaka. Through this program, dogs that have faced adversity can have a pleasant day out.

For his fun day out, Rocky got Herschel a slew of delectable treats, including a wonderful dog cupcake. Rocky had a great time playing in the snow with Herschel as well!

One Dog’s Day Out viewer was so taken with Herschel that she wanted to adopt him. Herschel lived in Los Angeles, so Rocky and he traveled to her new place.

A watcher of One Dog’s Day Out fell in love with Herschel to the point where she desired to adopt him. Rocky and Herschel went to her new home in Los Angeles, where Herschel resided.

Rocky and Herschel enjoyed playing in the waves and sand. While they played in the warm water, Rocky had a big grin on his face.

I won’t let him go since I know he might swim to San Diego and he likes being here.

Now that he has unrestricted access to the sea, Herschel is happy living with his mother in Los Angeles. This gorgeous dog deserves to spend as much time in the water as possible, considering everything he’s gone through. There’s nothing he loves more than the water!

Herschel is a great dog even though he’s had a horrible existence. See Herschel enjoying fun in the water and discover more about him in the video below.

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