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A dog with his ears severed only wants to cuddle and go to a forever home

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Legend is covered with wounds and has lost his ears, yet his hearing is good.

Legend has wounds all over his body and has lost his ears, yet his hearing is good. An urgent need for volunteers to transport an injured dog to a veterinarian clinic was made by Greenville County Animal Care following a vicious attack on a dog by two other canines. Fran Alexay Rizzo, an animal lover, responded to this choice of conclusion.

Legend was saved when two strolling women heard noise coming from a house. When they went to the investigation, they witnessed the dog being mauled by two bulldogs. After calling animal control because they were shredding him to pieces, the three canines were brought to Greenville County Animal Care.

Legend had bite marks all over him and was covered in blood when Alexay first saw him. He had bite marks all over his body, his right ear dangling from a thread, and his left ear torn off.

Rizzo told The Greenville News, “You could see all the puncture wounds from his shoulders forward.” “When he moved, blood started to seep into a few deep wounds.”

The emergency room veterinarian wasn’t sure whether he would survive, she claimed. Nothing appeared to be damaged. However, the stress on his body is really low due to these wounds. Additionally, a touch-sensitive body can only withstand so much.

Even so, Legend survived his first night, proving that he is a warrior. He received fluids, had surgery, and was put on a feeding tube over the course of several days. His recovery started. recuperate. A few days later, his wounds became larger. But he improved steadily over time. Combined His medical costs were getting out of control, so Rescue Dogs Rock NYC started contributing to them. Co-founder Jackie O’Sullivan expressed her happiness with the outcome and expressed her gratitude that he is still alive. It’s a remarkable tale, and he has impacted a great number of people.”

Legend has scars all over his body and has lost both of his ears, but his hearing is fine. But he’s ecstatic all around. He was often waving his tail and avoided kissing Fran when they were taking a bath.

Fran said of Legend, “If you judge a book by its cover, you might miss out on a tremendous story.” She exclaims, “He’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever fostered in my life.” “He wants hugs and kisses all the time.”

Because the two are so close, Fran stated that she cared about preserving the mythology for a little while longer. She is aware, however, that she is unable to continue fostering dogs for Greenville County Animal Care, which is in dire need of fosters.

She expresses her desire that more people will support and strengthen the Greenville County Animal Protection Organization, as they are in dire need of assistance.

WithinFran and Rescue Dogs Rock NYC made the decision to locate Legend’s simplest home at the same time.