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Homeless Mama Dog And 6 Puppies Are Rescued, Waiting For Their Permanent Home

Someone discovered a homeless momma dog and her puppies in a nursery near the motorway. After receiving the text, Eldad and Loreta Frankonyte from the Hope For Paws rescue team rushed to their aid.

Because almost all female dogs were violent after giving birth, the team had to be cautious and make sure they got the mama securely before approaching the pups. The mom was so anxious that she warily avoided the rescuers, despite the sweets they offered her.Given how difficult it was to catch the dog, they decided to use a humane trap and walk away from her to relieve her stress. They eventually got her into the trap. She was perplexed at first and even barked at them, but they gradually gained her trust.

The rescuers began looking for the puppies and bringing them to their mother. Based on the condition of the pups, the Mother dog did an excellent job of raising them. She appeared serene and relaxed, knowing that all of her babies were unharmed. The six tiny pups were so cute that they promptly fell asleep after being rescued.

The entire family was transported to the vet for medical attention. Haleakala was the name of the mother. She was still a little anxious when strangers hugged her babies. It demonstrated how much the mother adored and cared for her children. But, after all, everything went swimmingly. The Hawaiian family was in a safe and secure environment. Because the pups grew so quickly, they were all in good health.They were ecstatic to be going to their foster home and thoroughly enjoyed every second of their time together.

The sweet dogs are looking for a forever home. If you are interested in adopting them, please contact The Little Red Dog Rescue.