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Meet Madeline and Barnabas, the funniest dog couple

The internet can be full of cynics, especially when it comes to love and relationships. But this one couple has a weird way of proving that real love does exist, and it looks adorable. This adorable pair of Neapolitan Mastiffs named Madeline and Barnabas took Instagram by storm with their hilariously adorable and cheesy couple photos. Although Madeline and Barnabas have great chemistry, keeping two Mastiffs still for a photo can be a pretty challenging task. Fortunately, there’s one thing that Madeline and Barnabas love more than each other, and that’s food, of course. Alayna, Madeline and Barnabas’ human, attributes the insta-worthy pictures to her dogs’ immense love for treats. If you want to see more of this funny, funny and lovable dog couple, take a look at their Instagram.