Neglected Puppy cried because he was being cared for for the first time in his life.

Welcome to Bonggu’s world! Even though he was only 9 months old, he had to suffer through the horrors of his life. Initially, he was also a prior proprietor’s pet.

However, as the infant became ill and feeble, he was completely disregarded by this individual. The infant is unwell and isn’t eating enough.

He did actually relocate, but he did not take Bonggu with him. Bonggu was bound and left on the balcony with a big chain. The gate is completely shut. For the past several days, he has been weeping nonstop.

Bonggu did not receive any assistance. Until an elderly woman hears a puppy’s cries. The 90-year-old woman attempted to assist the baby.

When the infant was initially wrapped in the blanket, he wailed. but maybe pleasant gashes Currently, the infant is being cared for by an elderly lady. for over two weeks