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Shy Homeless Pit Bull With A Broken Leg Hides Under A Bush On Side Of The Road

People who passed her by didn’t want to go near her as she was a “scary Pit Bull.” If only they knew how shy and sweet she really was.

Karma is a type of punishment. The Pit Bull was found squirming in agony on the side of the lane, suffering from a severely broken leg. She didn’t want to move because she was in so much pain. People who saw her didn’t want to approach her because she was a “scary Pit Bull.” The wounded dog started to starve over the next few days and finally gave up all hope of survival.

A passerby told the rescue group “Hope for Paws” about Karma’s plight, and a rescuer drove 45 minutes to save her. Many residents warned the rescuer to be careful of the Pit Bull, but he ignored their advice. As the rescuer approached Karma, she looked him in the eyes with her beautifully perfect eyes, only to turn away. She was exhausted to the heart and didn’t want to interact with anybody.

The rescuer sensed Karma’s desperation and hopelessness and vowed to make her feel safe in his presence. He gave her food and softly petted and coaxed her to accompany him.Karma reluctantly accepted the food, but she showed little interest in being rescued. The battered girl clearly had confidence problems with humans. She desired to be alone, even though it meant dying gradually. The rescuer knew that Karma was not going to come to him on her own. So he carefully placed a leash around her neck to see if she was okay with it. Karma, strangely, was very submissive and never acted up with the leash. When the rescuer began to pet her, she eventually took a leap of faith, stood up, and decided to obey him with zeal!

The timid and sweet Karma realized she was handing over her fate to the rescuer, but something convinced her that the leash represented hope and healing. With that heartwarming realization, she laid her head on her savior’s lap and continued to shower him with thankful kisses! What a beautiful sight!