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Sweet Pittie Girl Is Captured on Camera Leaping Over Kennel Wall To Hang Out With Her Friend

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They were separated and placed in adjacent kennels, preventing them from hanging around as they had in the past.

Dogs are unquestionably loyal; that much is certain! A long-lasting connection between two Pittie females is recorded on camera by the security camera of the nearby animal shelter in Minneapolis!

Pieties Brenda wasn’t comfortable with the idea of being best friends with Linda, her street buddy. They could no longer hang out together as they had in the past since they had been split up and put in different kennels.

What happened next warmed everyone’s heart in the kennel.

The two pit bull females were seen strolling the streets of Minneapolis together, having developed a close friendship. Once the two canines were saved, Minneapolis Animal Care & Control provided them with a temporary home.

The MACC staff put the Pittie girls in separate kennels close to each other without realizing how attached they were to each other. But Brenda did not like the arrangement at all!

She made the decision to overcome all odds and jump a five-foot cement wall to be close to her neighbor.

When the MACC volunteers got to work the next morning, they found Brenda in Linda’s kennel—they just didn’t know exactly what had happened!

They looked at the surveillance footage and saw that Brenda had leaped over the wall to see her shelter companion!

Everyone was surprised by Brenda’s charming demeanor, as she refused to spend even a single second apart from her street buddy, according to Danielle Joerge of the MACC.

The staff at the shelter eventually moved the Pitties into a bigger kennel so they could live together forever. When they eventually made the security film available to their supporters, hundreds of really poignant comments were sent in from all around the nation.

They had no clue how many people would be interested in adopting these two girls after the video was made public! The sole criterion was to adopt Linda and Brenda together since they didn’t want them to part ways ever again.

After a rigorous screening procedure, Kathy Walker and her husband adopted these Pittie girls and found them a forever home just one day after the video was made public!

With their new pawrents, Brenda and Linda are happy to spend all of their time together. They’ve been waiting a long time for this, and finally they have everything they’ve ever wanted—a happy environment where they can be authentic!

When asked if she thought Brenda might start to jump fences, Kathy responded as follows:


“She won’t become one of those escape artists, in my opinion, because she’s fine as long as she sees Linda!”