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They Wept When They Found Her: 3-Legged Dog Was Used As Bait Dog And Then Dumped

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Juniper Hole Bull is a California-bred abandoned decoy dog. Her body was covered with assault scars, and her teeth had been filed down so she couldn’t fight back.

This nine-year-old dog has spent his whole existence being abused by the kennel’s owner.

Juniper accepted an offer from an original sanctum to take her in and assist her in regaining her health. Maggie Hull, a 27-year-old Seattle woman, couldn’t help but step forward and borrow Juniper when she learned about her. She want for this puppy to be stylish. Juniper’s luck, however, was not on her side.

Juniper had a spinal stroke and was paralyzed from the stomach down just 5 months after being wedded. She had surgery and therapy for a period of time before regaining her whim. However, problems necessitated the reattachment of one of her legs.

Juniper became incontinent as well, and she insisted on wearing dog diapers at all times. She was on a lot of medications and had a lot of illnesses. From every angle, Juniper’s existence was unlawful, but Maggie refused to be a quiet witness to the canine’s suffering. Juniper was given a wheelchair for help, and she was encouraged to reclaim her life.

From the moment Maggie received her wheelchair, Maggie observed a significant difference in Juniper. The senior dog discovered a bold side to herself and began exploring the world around her with a renewed zest for life!

Juniper is a lively girl who is always on the go and always has a grin on her face. She has resolved to put her grief behind her and solely count her blessings after suffering through so much in her life. We are grateful to Maggie for being an angel in Juniper’s life, assisting her in blossoming despite the odds!