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Vietnam Vet Makes Vow To Rescue 50,000 Dogs In Honor Of The K9 He Left Behind


ike never forgot the dog who saved his life. Now he’s honoring Chico by paying it forward to 50,000 other dogs.

A dog is said to be man’s most devoted companion. Mike Monahan and his dog Chico can attest to this.

Chico was not Mike’s first dog.

He grew up with a family in North Carolina, where they learned Chico’s overprotective nature. They considered volunteering him and sending him to Scout Dog Training in Georgia. It was the family’s honor that he was dispatched to Vietnam after completing his training.

This is how Chico and Mike became acquainted.

They become partners and greatest friends there. Mike recalls Chico warmly from their time together in Vietnam. “Chico and I had a tremendously devoted relationship for an entire year, and on top of that, he saved my life,” Mike told WCPO,Mike, on the other hand, lives with a sense of shame for abandoning Chico.

Scout dogs were taught in Vietnam to alert patrol teams to tripwires – a gallant task that Chico performed to save Mike and the rest of the crew. Unfortunately, Chico and 4,500 other canines were left behind as the United States military withdrew from Vietnam.

Mike promised something to make amends for his wrongdoing… that by paying adoption fees, he will save 50,000 dogs ,That is a thousand dogs for each year since Chico’s death, which occurred 50 years ago. So he came up with the greatest strategy to raise funds: write a book. Mike has had multiple books published.

He penned “Occupy Your Future,” “Your Future is Stuck in Your Past,” “Seven Simple Truths,” “Row, Row Your Boat,” and “From the Jungle to the Boardroom,” a book on his time in Vietnam. However, one book remains unpublished, awaiting the appropriate moment. Mike launched a Kickstarter campaign for “Chico’s

Promise” this year.

He explained that the book is about Chico and exposing his voice to the public, providing readers with a comprehensive view of Mike’s guilt. The book will undoubtedly be heartbreaking, based on the portions he has released and discussed online.

“My aim is that millions of people will read Chico’s tale, fall in love with him, feel inspired, and join forces to improve the treatment of dogs by eradicating abuse and abandonment,” he wrote on his Kickstarter campaign for the book. Mike appears to be feeling awful about leaving Chico behind.

But here he is, making a difference in the world, something he knows Chico would be pleased of. He has promised to donate a share of the revenues from book sales to local and regional shelters to help with adoption and other costs associated with it. This way, Mike knows he is assisting other canines in finding a forever home.

Mike has taken a significant step toward remembering and honoring his beloved dog, who saved his life. The bond between a pet and his owner is indescribable. And there will always be a sense of anguish and shame when one loses the other. And that is what Mike hopes to let go of when he finally releases this book.

You can help Mike and his cause by contributing to his Kickstarter campaign. The book is presently in the final stages of preparation for publication. His release date is set for July.

You can not only purchase a book with a heartwarming narrative; you can also help save a dog by giving him a chance at a home.

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