10 Hilarious Photos Of Dogs Who Believe In Their Own Version Of Personal Space


ogs are indeed man’s best friend, and most of the time the clingy type of friend. We can’t really tell how they do it, but they seem to have an inner radar of how we feel. It’s as if they’ve been watching us from afar, observing our every move. They figure how we love cuddling and how we too can be so clingy. They must’ve seen the look in our eyes as we cuddle and so they copy it, only because they love us so much. But they still are dogs after all as sometimes they never know where to draw the line. Nonetheless, we don’t mind, they can draw the line wherever they want. Here is a compilation of just adorable dogs that are as clingy as ever because obviously they just want their human’s attention. So scroll on for your daily dose of cute aggression!