You are currently viewing As she is being rescued from captivity, a 73-year-old elephant sheds tears.

As she is being rescued from captivity, a 73-year-old elephant sheds tears.

Committing oneself to animal rescue and rescue is never an easy task. You’ll get the opportunity to confront the brutal realities of human cruelty.

The unspeakable suffering that people inflict on these helpless animals is heartbreaking.

However, as terrible as this reality may be, it will not deter those who wish to aid and rescue animals in need. writes

In reality, it motivates them to achieve their primary goal: to protect defenseless creatures from cruel people. Sook Jai, a 73-year-old elephant, is the subject of this rescue story.

She had been forced to work hard her entire life and had been abused. Sook Jai has become frail and elderly, and her body can no longer withstand the assault.

She was handed around to numerous owners for various duties throughout her imprisonment. The elephant had been forced to work in tourist treks and street begging, but as she grew older, her health began to suffer. She went blind and lost most of her hearing as a result of the accident.

Thankfully, the nice folks at Elephant Nature Park heard about Sook Jai’s plight and stepped in to provide her with a new home at their refuge.

Thailand is home to the rescue facility (which is affiliated with the Save Elephant Foundation). Sook Jai would finally be able to enjoy all of the lovely days she deserved.

“Sook Jai was fortunate enough to be discovered by a kind individual who wished to help her alter her life. Joan Baez struck it rich when she agreed to assist sponsor SookJai to live a life free of abuse for the rest of her life.”

Sook Jai was picked up by a group of individuals. They were planning on returning to the refuge after a 20-hour excursion. When they originally took control of the 73-year-old elephant, she wasn’t in good health. The violence she’d had had left several wounds on her head and body.

Throughout the lengthy journey, the rescuers sought to keep SookJai safe and comfortable.

Despite the fact that they could tell she was hungry, she refused to eat. She was tired, fatigued, and oblivious to the sort of life that lay ahead of her.

They were like her earthly angels. When the vehicle was chilly, the Elephant Nature Park personnel warmed it up, and when the elephant was hot, they cooled it down.

Sook Jai was probably not used to being handled so nicely.

The elephant may be seen in the footage with tears streaming down her cheeks. It’s an image that tugs at the heartstrings. One commenter said:

“The instant I saw her crying and waving her trunk, I sobbed.” She’s aware that she’s no longer enslaved. Please continue to preserve and rescue elephants; together, we can make a difference!”

Sook Jai has finally found her everlasting home.

After a long journey, the truck arrives to the refuge at the end of the film.

– Advertisement – Despite the fact that the blind elephant is unable to see her new habitat, she quickly learns what it means to live in peace.

“Her life will be without any limits,” they declare at the end of the video. She will continue to be free, as she well deserves.”

It’s a rescue story that’s affecting people all across the world. It isn’t, however, the only one. Elephantnews has a number of videos on YouTube that demonstrate the work they undertake at Elephant Nature Park.