Army Veteran Saves A Poor Eagle Hanging To A Tree, AS No One Steps For!

People in Rush City in Minnesota noticed a poor bald eagle dangling seventy ft for more than two days from a tree above ground. Many of the residents believed that she was already dead, on the other hand many of them did not even care about her. However, when Jason Galvin, army veteran, saw the eagle, he knew that he had to help.

The veteran realized that the bird was still alive as he watched her using her binoculars for hours. He then decided to use his military training to free her. Jason was kept dissuading by the neighbors who stated “liability issues” and “compromised security measures”, but he was determined to help the poor bird.

Jason decided to use his rifle to free the entangled eagle. So, when the sun was really hot, he reached the tree and started shooting more than 150 shots in the same spot on the tree’s branch in order to let it fall down. Fortunately, he was lucky as one shot pierced the branch letting the eagle falls down.

Thankfully, the eagle, that was named Freedom, is now recovering at a local rescue center. She was named like this as she was freed during the fourth July weekend! She will be back to the woods when she is fully recovered.