You are currently viewing Grizzly Bears response to a women’s friendly wave, it came as a surprise

Grizzly Bears response to a women’s friendly wave, it came as a surprise

It is not usual to see a friendly Grizzly Bear in the zoo, and certainly not in the wild. This one is definitely an exception as it loves greeting everyone that passes by and waves back to those who care to wave at this bear first. This particular bear lives in the Olympic Game Farm in Washington, where a high number of animals live as well and what is particular about this place is that animals live quite freely and in a very open space. And the variety of animals that this farm is composed of is high, usually you are able to see animals that in a normal zoo you would not be able to.

One of the creatures that live in this Farm is definitely this beautiful and friendly Grizzly bear,  who seems to love the contact with humans and it sits around and watches people passing by, and if the creature is in a good mood and loves the treatment it gets from humans we are able to see a friendly wave as well. In the video you can see how beautiful the interaction between the grizzly bear and the adorable woman is. She passes the bear, and she sees that the creature is lovely looking back at the woman, the woman decides to just wave at the creature but surprisingly she receives the most honest and friendly wave back from the gorgeous brown bear. This video definitely makes you think twice about grizzly bears, as it shows that softest and most adorable part of this beautiful creature. After all, kindness wins everyone over!