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A surprising visitor wants in on the family fun at the pool

When one decides to take a holiday in Africa, they should expect that they might be visited by some rare creatures. But, again, even if you are told that things like this can happen, one will never believe until they see them with their eyes.

One day, a family is enjoying a sweet day at the pool while holidaying in a wonderful resort in Botswana, Africa. Soon after, while laying by the pool and taking a leisure swim , they hear some noise coming out of the bushes, and they immediately thought that there must be a an animal nearby, when right after an unexpected guest joined the pool party. A magnificent Elephant! The creature approached the pool and started to drink water from the pool!

The family was just standing still and enjoying this moment that might never happen again in their life. Now, to be fair, the resort staff had already warned the guests that elephants might come by the pool to drink water, it is for this reason that the pools do not have chlorine. However, one is always surprised when events like this happen. Especially for us who are not used to seeing these wonderful creatures every day! Lucky for this family, they have all had their phones ready and recorded the moment, to remind them of the best party crasher moment of their lives.

Soon after drinking the water, the elephant looked at the humans as a way to thank them for letting him drink “their water”. The creature turned back and started walking away into the wilderness, and as he walked he waved the years, in a way saying goodbye. The family in awe, could not believe that they could be this lucky to have witness such thing!