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Dog has the sweetest reaction after accidentally ripping his favorite pillow

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Draco the   pit bull did not have   an easy start to   life, but one thing   has brought the   dog comfort   through good times   and bad: a heart-shaped   pillow   with   arms.

Anywhere   the young   pit bull goes,   the funny-looking   pillow is not far   behind. “If anyone   else picks   up his pillow he   will dart over   and grab it,” Allie O’Cain,  Draco’s mom, told  The Dodo. “He sucks   it every   single  day to fall  asleep.”

Recently,  however, it looked   as if the pup’s   prized cushion   was destined   for the trash  bin — something Draco absolutely could  not  allow.

Draco has   treated his pillow  with care ever   since O’Cain   rescued the orphaned   puppy from a   backyard breeder at just 2   weeks old.

“Draco is a   crazy chewer and we have   become a ‘rubber toy   only’ house because   anything with   stuffing he   will destroy   in less than five   minutes,” O’Cain   said. “But he has   been so gentle   and loving   with  this pillow.”

But when   Draco’s   friend, a black   Lab named   Willow, wanted to   share the pillow,  he got a   little too overprotective.   He rushed over   to take back   his prized possession   and, in the   process, the pillow   ripped. As stuffing   began to bleed   out, it seemed   as if the worst   had come  to pass.

Luckily,   Draco’s grandmother   saw what was   happening and   leaped into action.

“We think   [the pillow] was so worn   out it just   easily ripped,” O’Cain   said. “My mom freaked   out and   grabbed it and   yelled, ‘I’ll   fix it, Draco!’”


Draco’s grandmother   took the pillow to   her sewing machine   and began the   “surgery.” But Draco   couldn’t just stand   idly by while   his true love   was being   operated on.

“The whole   entire time Draco’s   head and paws   were peeked   over,” O’Cain said. “He was   whining and   trying to reach it   with his mouth.”


“He acted as if   his wife was in   surgery,” O’Cain   wrote on  Facebook.

As soon as   the pillow was mended,   Draco rushed to cuddle   his favorite   toy, clearly relieved   that it was   whole once  again.

O’Cain and   her mom will continue   to repair the   pillow until Draco   outgrows his childhood   plaything – if  that day ever does   come. But knowing   Draco, that  seems doubtful.

“Bullies are   the exact opposite   of what people   think,” O’Cain said.  “They stay  babies forever!”