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Dog Kept Chasing After Cars In Hopes Of Finding Owner, Not Knowing He Was Abandoned

Dogs’ owners are everything they have for the rest of their lives. They adore one another and have formed a deep tie throughout their relationship. Yet, for whatever reason, some owners abandon their dogs in the middle of nowhere. And the dogs, who are among the most faithful creatures on the planet, innocently wait for their owners to return, unaware that they have been abandoned for good.

Since 2001, the Kritter Klub has been recording critter stories with a group of Korean animal enthusiasts. They were notified one day about a homeless dog in a village who constantly rushing towards cars. Nobody knew why he was acting strangely. A villager claimed that every time he returned home from work, this dog would follow him and sit next to his car.The peasant was perplexed since he had no idea who the dog was or where he came from.

The dog had been there for more than twenty days, not leaving his location on the road as if he was seeking for something and would miss it if he moved. Whenever a white automobile passed by, he instantly pursued it for a long distance. He then returned to his normal spot and regretfully continued to wait. What was the lonely dog looking forward to?

It wasn’t until the team met a neighbor who had been watching the dog for a month that they discovered his backstory. A white automobile arrived here a month ago, then left the dog alone on an unknown street. From then on, he began to pursue any white car in the hopes of locating his owner. The old guy attempted multiple times to help him and even took him home, but the dog refused and fled away.He still longed for his master and waited for him totally no matter what time of day or night it was, even when the weather grew colder and colder. However, the individual never showed up.

Fortunately, the person who alerted the team decided to accept the sad puppy as a member of his family. The dog was still sad, but he was gradually adjusting to his new existence. He was given a comfortable abode that the guy had prepared for him, as well as the name Ba-duk. He waited on the road again, but this time he had the kind-hearted man by his side.

Witnessing the dog struggle to survive in the bitter weather was upsetting, so members of the Kritter Klub took the ailing puppy to the clinic for a check-up. He was in good condition, but he was depressed since he couldn’t believe that his owner had betrayed him.

Spring always follows a long winter. Ba-duk will hopefully settle into his new home soon and have a long and happy life.

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