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Emaciated race horse abandoned in desert rescued by animal rescue group in Arizona


Buckeye, Arizona, a horse trainer saved a thin as well as dried purebred left to die in an area near Gila Bend. On Monday, the equine was discovered wandering alone in the desert. Allison Montano as well as a Maricopa Region Sheriff’s Workplace deputy collaborated to locate the steed; they brought her a bucket of water that she appeared eased to have actually been provided to her.

The creator of Hope Cattle ranch Arizona, Misian Cory stepped up to assist and believes the horse had been straying alone for 6 months as well as had actually lost 600 pounds.

“When we came across this sweet horse… she had apparently been left to fend for herself. She appeared relieved and immediately started to drink the water we brought for her.” Allison Montano Facebook

The rescue group named the horse Blessing. Her tattoo found under her lip, along with a brand on her side, revealed her real name to be “Pleasing Dom”; she was born in 2012.

Loaded into the trailer and brought to Hope Ranch Arizona, Blessing was bathed, had her hooves trimmed and examined by a veterinarian.

“Without hesitation she got right into the trailer and was quickly brought to safety. Today she is getting her hooves trimmed. They are in terrible shape and it’s difficult for her to walk. The vet has been called and we are doing everything necessary to get her well. This is going to be a big expense and we are asking for donations. Anything is appreciated. Even prayers and good thoughts. We have named her Blessing. That’s just what she is….. a Blessing” Misian Cory

Check out her video and how much Blessing is loving her bath:


Difference between Day 1 and Day 4

Hope Ranch Arizona has never asked for donations before, and they are not a non profit, but in one week they have taken in three very malnourished horse and greatly appreciate any help.

No one knows who abandoned this horse, but miraculously Blessing is anticipated to make a full recovery. Amazingly, she is very gentle and well behaved!