Man finds tiny foal stuck on highway and reunites it with worried mom whose thank you will have you all in awe


others across all species of the animal kingdom love their offspring to death and feel under stress whenever they lose sight of them. Lucky for this horse mama, she reunites with her foal in a matter of minutes with the help of a generous man.

To make matters worse, it so happened that the foal was stuck mid-traffic in a highway, risking getting hit by a car every second. Luckily, a car stops to check on the lost baby.

Behind the walls of the highway, they could see a very distressed mom looking at the scene unfolding in front of her. We wonder how the foal managed to get herself in this situation. Perhaps it had squeezed underneath the metal bars and forgotten how to get back to its mom.

With the fence blocking their reunion, the creatures stared at each other desperately until this man decided to take matters on his own hands.

Horses are known for their overly protective nature and they can get hostile towards humans when their offspring was involved. However, in this situation there were no options left. Either reunite mom and child or risk the child getting hit by a car.

Carefully, the man approached the foal, picked it up, and reunited it with momma horse who by the looks of it appeared very satisfied to have her mischievous little one next to her again.