She was buried alive after a horrific assault, but she is alive!

This year, we told you about the incredible tale of a domestic dog discovered buried alive on a Hawaiian beach. Despite the fact that the machete-wielding rapist has yet to be found, this story has a happy ending. We are overjoyed to report that this spirited canine is living a happy and healthy life with the caring family who fostered her.

A passerby on a beach in Oahu, Hawaii saw a machete-wielding man burying a domestic dog alive in broad daylight, in case you missed the unique news. He immediately called PAWS of Hawaii, and the whole team agreed to come to the animal’s aid.The negative factor was once severely sunburned, covered in sores, almost bald, with cuts on her thighs, and in poor health. The puppy, now known as Leialoha, was hurried straight to Aloha Affordable Veterinary Services, where she was examined and cared for by veterinarians.

Her foster family opens their home to assist her in her recovery.
Amanda Krasniewski and her husband have extensive experience as foster dog owners. It all started when the couple was on their honeymoon in St. Croix. They saw classified advertisements for humans to fly adoptable puppies to the mainland in order to increase their chances of finding forever homes. Throughout their journey, they stopped by the safe haven.The newlyweds had already decided that they wanted to bring a dog into their newly established family, so they thought they might as well get one from the safe haven that was once overcrowded in St. Croix. They chose a domestic dog called Mocha and flew her with them on the plane.

When Mocha was still a puppy, the couple adopted a stray Chow Mix puppy called Bruce. The importance of saving and fostering was instilled in them when caring for these two rescue puppies. Since moving to Hawaii, the pair decided to become foster parents with PAWS of Hawaii and have never looked back.

Fostering, according to Amanda, “has been an exquisite way to hold animals while becoming involved in the community.” The pair had fostered 12 dogs before Leialoha. When Amanda saw PAWS of Hawaii’s Facebook post about Leialoha, she immediately contacted the government director and offered to assist.

It used to be very difficult to get through the first night. “She smelled bad from being buried and her pores and skin infections,” she said. She used to be a crimson, swollen mess. I attempted to pick her up in order to move her from the tour kennel to a very large canine crate, but she screamed. I wasn’t sure she’d make it through the evening.”

When Amanda went to test on Leialoha, she felt so happy. “I went to see her the next morning, and she gave me a tiny tail wag. From that point on, I knew she was a survivor who would fully recover.” Leialoha was underweight and tired, and she needed time to recover, but she had turned into a nook and was on her way.Leialoha Discovered She Was Safe From Her Crate to the Coffee Table, At first, Leialoha just came out of her crate to go potty. During the first few days, Amanda and her husband spent a lot of time setting up camp by the kennel. Leialoha eventually felt content enough to move from the crate to underneath the espresso table for naps.

Amanda and her husband provided Leialoha with all of the time and space she needed to recover and gain trust. Within two weeks, she had reverted to the appearance of a typical puppy. “She would play continuous with one of our dogs, play fetch with my husband, and curl up next to me for a nap,” Amanda explained.Leialoha was supposed to be adopted by way of a Big Island family. Unfortunately, one of their puppies became seriously ill, and they were unable to bring a new dog into their home at any point during that period. When the adoption fell through, the Krasniewskis were on vacation.The tale of Leialoha had piqued the attention of the media. Leialoha returned to their home after the family returned from vacation, and Amanda’s husband developed a strong bond with her. “We wanted to be certain that she went to her home on a regular basis and that no one preferred her merely because she was once “famous,” she said.We came to the conclusion that keeping her was the best decision.”Leialoha is living a happy and healthy life thanks to Amanda and her family’s patient and caring care. “She has a lot of power and wants to play all day,” Amanda said. She’s also very loud and demands your attention, haha. Despite this, she is a genuine sweetheart who adores everyone.You’d have no idea that anyone had ever done anything to her.”Love conquers everything, as Leialoha’s story demonstrates. We are grateful to the Krasniewski family, PAWS of Hawaii, and everyone who contributed to help us write this happy ending!