Even though the family already has three dogs, they welcome an abandoned puppy with mange into their home.

Even though their home is full of foster pets, the son notified his family about a sick stray puppy, and they couldn’t ignore it. You should now be able to view Bart’s amazing metamorphosis…

Shawnee Jackson was informed about a couple stray puppies by her son in early April. So she went to see the dog who was in need of assistance. She already had three dogs and had no intention of raising another. But, as no one else would, she resolved to help him.

The woman, who may help with an area rescue group by searching for grants, fundraising, and marketing, explained that taking Bart, the stray dog, home was not an option because they already had three dogs.

However, when they noticed the dog was underweight and suffering from severe mange, they determined to help him as much as they could. So they carried him inside, but due to his mange, they had to isolate him!

After that, the woman took Bart to the veterinarian for an examination. Bart has sarcoptic and demodectic mange, as well as fungal and yeast infections.

He was thankfully given medicinal treatments and feedings till he was totally recovered. healed. The nicest thing is that he was adopted by a loving family and lived in his first permanent home. What a happy ending!