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Old Blind Dog Sat On Concrete In Hot Sun, Tied To A Pole With A Note


fficer Boone, of Richmond Pet Care as well as Control, replied to a phone call pertaining to a canine who had actually been connected to a pole as well as deserted.

When the policeman showed up, he discovered a very old Schnauzer-Poodle mix connected to a pole with a chain on a warm Virginia street corner with absolutely nothing to consume or drink.

As   he   obtained more detailed, he observed that there was a note created on a tiny item of cardboard, which was affixed to his chain.

The note read: “My name is Oreo. I more than one decade old. I have anxiousness. My owner passed away. I’m truly good. I need a house.”

The elderly canine might barely see or listen to, and he was incredibly timid as well as overwhelmed.

He was immediately brought right into RACC’s look after medical examination. Oreo was naturally really scared, once they began holding him much more, Oreo started to relax and really feel even more comfy.

Thankfully, aside from losing his sight and hearing, he remained in good health. Currently it was time to locate this old canine a residence to invest his golden years. Fortunately, that didn’t take long!

A woman in Fredericksburg thought there was something unique about Oreo as well as wanted to open her residence to him.

Oreo now has 5 acres to run around on as well as a new doggy sibling to have fun with. His gold years will be the best ones yet!