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Police Give Retired K-9 Officer A Hero Tribute During His Final Visit To Animal Hospital

Judge, a retired New Jersey K-9 Officer, received a well-deserved soldier’s salute from a police station. He had 280 deployments, 152 suspect arrests, and helped recover three stolen vehicles, three firearms, and roughly $47,000 in purported money, all of which merited this hero’s honor.After 7 years of service at the West Deptford Police Department in New Jersey, as well as a grueling struggle with Cushing’s Disease, it was time to say farewell. Cpl. Michael Franks was confronted with the growing veterinary bills of Judge, his buddy, partner, and protector.When the bill approached $10,000, a GoFundMe campaign was established. The community banded together and raised approximately $12,000 to assist Cpl. Franks and his family with their financial obligations. Judge, a retired K-9 officer, had to be put down after a surgery and quick deterioration of his condition.

It’s difficult enough to say goodbye to a furry family member. But when he’s also a soldier, your partner, and someone who has risked their life for you and your community, the loss is terrible and devastating.The only consolation would be the incredible support demonstrated by the massive audience and moving hero’s homage. With over 90 officials from several New Jersey police departments in attendance, the respect displayed will hopefully provide solace and a lasting sense of the appreciation for Judge’s service and sacrifice.

Judge, a German Shepard that worked many hours with the West Deptford Police Department, is shown below.

Officer Judge and his handler, Cpl. Michael Franks, are pictured below. Franks spent thousands of his own funds to keep Judge alive as long as possible.

Judge was one of the greatest K-9 officers the West Deptford Police Department has ever had, assisting in numerous cases and assisting in the arrest of offenders.

As Judge made his final approach, police from other precincts lined up with their K-9 partners to pay their respect.

Family members sobbing demonstrate how dearly Judge will be missed. He wasn’t only a K-9 cop; he was also the family pet, providing love and support to his host family.

As he comes approaching the door of St. Francis Veterinary Center, Judge takes his farewell mouthful.

They are frequently seen as toys, and the dogs cling to them tenaciously. As you can see, this is a difficult time for everyone, especially Cpl. Franks.

The cops were certain that Judge would be able to walk himself inside the veterinarian clinic. And he was right. They let him take his last stroll in front of all of his buddies.

He strolled towards the veterinary center’s door, his sleeve in tow. Judge was well regarded and will be sorely missed.